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SliQ Invoicing Release History

Version 6.7.0  - June 2022

Performance Improvements

Performance improvements have been implemented for opening the Customers & Statements tab when large numbers of customer records are held in the company file.

In the Options dialog, on the General tab, a new option “Use Legacy Selector” is available. For older company files with a larger number of customer records in the company file, unchecking this box can improve performance when raising or opening invoices.

VAT Filer Changes

A new Pay your VAT Bill button has been added to the VAT filer to launch the HMRC VAT payment web page.

improved workflow for VAT MTD authorisation has been implemented that no longer relies on Internet Explorer being installed.

Minor updates and corrections

A number of minor updates and corrections have been implemented including improved email support for default desktop email programs that was affected by recent Windows updates and improved sorting of rows on reports.

Version 6.6.0  - Feb 2022

Open a Specific Company File from a Shortcut

SliQ will now let you create a desktop shortcut that opens SliQ with a specific company file.

To create a shortcut that opens a specific company file, right-click on the Windows desktop and choose New/ Shortcut from the popup menu. In the Shortcut Wizard, browse and choose the SliQ Invoicing executable (normall C:\Program Files (x86)\SliQTools\SliQ Invoicing V6\SliQInvoicing6.exe) and finish the wizard. In the Properties dialog for the shortcut add the path of the file you want to open to the Target field, e.g. adding "C:\Users\ml\Documents\SliQInvoicing6\test.slinvoice6" into the Target field after the name of the SliQ Invoicing V6 application will run SliQ and open the test.slinvoice6 company file.

New Fields for Email Templates

A {CUSTOMERBALANCE} field can now be added to invoice, quote and credit note email templates. When an email is sent, {CUSTOMERBALANCE} will be replaced by the total amount outstanding from the customer.

SliQ Invoicing Online Uploader

Supplier information can now be uploaded from desktop companies to an account in SliQ Invoicing Online.

Version 6.5.0  - Nov 2021

Copy and Condense Company File

A new Copy and Condense Company file feature has been added. This feature allows a local company file to be copied and selected data deleted from the copy of the company, e.g. deleting paid invoices prior to a specified date. This new feature is intended to allow large company files to be copied and reduced in size while still keeping all product, customer and setup data.

For information see Copy and Condense Company File.

HTML Email Template Editor

The HTML email template editor has been updated to cater for recent Windows updates that could cause the editor to have problems on some PCs.

Within the HTML email template editor, handling of different images with the same name has been improved.

VAT Filer

The VAT Filer authorisation workflow has been updated to cope with recent Windows updates that could cause the authorisation workflow to pause.

The VAT Filer has been updated to comply with API changes from UK HMRC.

Template Editor

The template editor now includes a field “SubtotalPlusCarriageNet” that will show the net total of an invoice including the net carriage value.

Maximised Mode/ Full Screen

SliQ Invoicing will now open maximised/ in full screen mode if configured in Windows. See this article for how to configure programs to open maximised: Always Open a Program Maximised


The Find Low Stock function has been updated to improve handling of the Check/ Uncheck All buttons.

A number of smaller updates and corrections have been included in this release.

Version 6.4.1  - May 2021

Allow VAT Reverse Charge amounts to be displayed in reports and on invoice templates

The amount of VAT due to be paid by a customer for invoices including VAT Reverse Charge items can now be displayed on invoice templates and in invoice reports.

For information on how to include Reverse Charge values by editing templates or configuring reports, see VAT Reverse Charge.

Show Net Amounts for Line Items When Editing Invoices

When an invoice (or quote etc.) is being edited, SliQ shows a gross line item total by default. A new option has been added to allow the net total to be shown.

Note that this option has no effect on the disply of line items when invoices are printed or output as PDFs. To change whether a line item total is net or gross when the invoice is printed/ PDFed, please edit your invoice (or quote etc.) template and configure the columns.

For more information on invoice/ payment options in SliQ Invoicing, see Invoice/ Payment Options.

Minor Updates and Corrections

A number of smaller updates and corrections have been included in this release.

Version 6.4.0  - April 2021

New Billing Feature

SliQ now allows supplier bills and credit notes to be recorded.

Bills and supplier credit notes are added via a new Bills tab.

A number of new billing reports have been added to SliQ including reports allowing income and outgoings per month to be shown.

For UK customers, SliQ will be able to use purchase/ billing data in VAT returns.

VAT MTD Updates

New VAT MTD headers required by UK HMRC have been implemented to keep SliQ current with HMRC security requirements.

For UK customers, SliQ will be able to use purchase/ billing data in VAT returns.

SliQ's support for VAT has been updated to cater for Britain leaving the European Union. SliQ now supports the new Northern Ireland Procotol.

SliQ's VAT submission feature now supports Postponed VAT Accounting and allows adjustments to be recorded for each box on a VAT return.

Minor Updates and Corrections

A number of smaller updates and corrections have been included in this release.

Version 6.3.4  - March 2021

Updates for UK HMRC MTD for VAT Security Headers

SliQ has been updated to include the latest UK HMRC header requirements for VAT MTD submissions.

Updates for Server mode

The caching of changed data when switching between tabs has been improved in Server mode.

Minor Updates and Corrections

A number of smaller updates and corrections have been included in this release.

Version 6.3.3  - Feb 2021

Support for UK HMRC VAT Reverse Charged Included

SliQ has been updated to include VAT reverse charge support needed for construction services as from 1 March 2021.

To enable the VAT Reverse Charge features, see VAT Reverse Charge in SliQ Invoicing.

Minor Updates and Corrections

A number of smaller updates and corrections have been included in this release.

Version 6.3.2  - Jan 2021

Updates to Conform with HMRC VAT MTD Requirements

The VAT submission feature in SliQ Invoicing has been updated to include the latest header information required by UK HMRC.

Minor Updates and Corrections

A number of smaller updates and corrections have been included in this release.

Version 6.3.1  - Oct 2020

Updates to Conform with HMRC VAT MTD Requirements

The VAT submission feature in SliQ Invoicing has been updated to include more information in the API used when submitting VAT returns to the UK HMRC.

Minor Updates and Corrections

A number of smaller updates and corrections have been included in this release.

Version 6.3.0  - April 2020

Gmail Option Added For Sending Emails

SliQ now includes an option for emailing invoices etc. via Gmail. See the Email Options dialog in SliQ to access the new option.

When the Gmail option is selected, SliQ will ask you to verify SliQ with Google when you first email, e.g. when you first email an invoice or quote. Any emails you send will be shown in the Sent folder in your Gmail account.

SliQ Server Setup

If you are using SliQ in client/ server mode, you can now type a server name into the server setup dialog if SliQ is unable to automatically find the server, e.g. if you are using a remote server.

Version 6.2.0  - Feb 2020

Updates to Conform with HMRC VAT MTD API Requirements

UK HMRC VAT submission will soon require more mandatory information to be included in requests to their API. SliQ Invoicing has been updated to support the required information and has been tested with HMRC's latest test APIs. There are no visible changes from a user's point of view but SliQ includes more tracking information, e.g. Windows account name, when making submissions.

Better Handling of Leap Years when getting VAT obligations from HMRC VAT MTD API

UK HMRC have a restricted allowable range of dates when requesting VAT obligations. SliQ has been updated to avoid exceeding the requested date range when a year is a leap year.

Client/ Server Mode for Shared Access

SliQ now supports and optional server mode of operation that allows multiple users to read and raise invoices in the same company at the same time.

When Client/ Server Mode is enabled, SliQ switches to use Microsoft's SQL Server database as a backend for storing data. SliQ can work with your own, existing installation of SQL Server or you can install Microsoft's free SQL Server Express.

For more information, see SliQ Server Overview.

Note that the IT requirements for a client/ server system will be specific to your own network, PCs and servers and you may need to get local IT support to get up and running.

Passwords can now be used to restrict further features

For non-admin users SliQ's password mechanism can now be used to restrict access to the Products tab and to prevent recurring invoices be raised and emailed by specific users.

Email Template Fields Added

For invoice, receipt and reminder email templates, the referenced quote number and customer order number fields can now be included.

A number of minor updates and corrections have been included.

Version 6.1.2  - June 2019

Added Capability to Save VAT Information to Excel

The VAT Filer previously allowed the VAT information for a VAT return to be saved into a PDF file. In this new version, the ability has been added to also save the VAT information to a Microsoft Excel file. The new Save Excel button has been added next to the Save PDF button on the VAT Return information displayed on the VAT Filer's View Obligations and View VAT Return pages.

New Report Filters

For text fields in reports three new filter types have been added:

  • Is Empty - matches fields which are empty.
  • Is Not Empty - matches fields which are not empty.
  • Starts With - matches fields starting with the specified text. As with all other text filters, the comparison is not case-sensitive.

A number of minor updates and corrections have been included.

Version 6.1.1  - May 2019

Searching of Invoice Items & Minor Updates

The ability to search invoice items (and quote and PO items) when typing into the search boxes at the top of lists has been added. To make this feature work, the Apply Search to All Items on Invoices box must be checked on the Invoices & Payments tab in the Options dialog. To open this dialog press the Options button in the toolbar.

The ability to use custom string and date information in email templates, including HTML email templates has been added.

A number of minor updates and corrections have been included.

Version 6.1.0  - May 2019

MTD for VAT Update

Added the capability to get VAT returns from HRMC that have been submitted already using MTD for VAT.

Added the capability to capture more VAT submission response data after submitting a VAT return using MTD for VAT.

Version 6.0.3  - May 2019

VAT Summary PDF Improvements

The PDF generation of VAT summaries has been improved.

Version 6.0.2  - April 2019

Making Tax Digital VAT Updates

Additions and Improvements for the MTD for VAT feature in SliQ Invoicing.

Changed the country code for Greece from GR to EL to align with HMRC VAT country codes.

This is a recommended download for any users wishing to use the VAT Filer in SliQ Invoicing.

Version 6.0.1  - April 2019

Making Tax Digital VAT Updates

Additions and improvements for the MTD for VAT feature in SliQ Invoicing to handle updates to the HMRC MTD for VAT API. This is a recommended download for any users wishing to use the VAT Filer in SliQ.

Version 6.0.0  - April 2019

Making Tax Digital VAT Supported

SliQ Invoicing now supports submission of VAT returns using HMRC's MTD API. You can view your VAT obligations in SliQ and choose an open obligation to submit a VAT return. SliQ calculates sales VAT from your invoices and lets you enter purchase figures before submitting the VAT return.

For instructions on enabling and running the new VAT filer feature in SliQ Invoicing, see VAT for MTD in SliQ Invoicing.

Customer Country Supported

To enable SliQ to identify sales VAT for EC/ non EC countries the country code can now be specified for a customer.

Zero Rate Customers

Customers can now be set as Zero Rated for VAT purposes. If a customer is zero rated then no VAT amounts will be added to an invoice for the customer.

Address and Delivery Address on Email Templates

The customer address and delivery address can now be added to email templates.

Invoices can be marked as Paid when Raised

The option dialog contains new options on the Invoices & Payments tab to allow new invoices to be automatically marked as paid. The options dialog allows the payment kind, e.g. cash, direct debit and supporting info to be set fo a payment to be automatically logged against a new invoice. If the option is set then any new invoice or recurring invoice will automatically be marked as paid.

Products with low Stock Highlighted

If the number of items in stock is below the reorder level, the product is highlighted in red on the Products list.

Product Weights can be Configured

A weight can be set for a product allowing SliQ to calculate the total weight of items on an invoice. The total weight is set in the details for the product on the Products tab. The total weight of items on an invoice is shown on the Carriage/ Delivery tab when editing the invoice and can be added to invoice (and quote, credit note and PO) templates using the TotalWeight field.

Improved Screen Space for Editing Line Items

A new option has been added to the Options dialog on the Invoices & Payments options to maximise space when editing line items. If the option is selected then line items will be displayed in their own tab when editing invoices rather than under the customer details.

Custom Field Values Stored As Standard Lists

Values entered into custom fields can now be stored as standard lists for easy selection/ entry in the same way that Ship Via or SalesPerson names are stored in lists.

Services can now be Stored

In addition to the storing of standard Products and Discounts, Services can now be added on the Products & Discounts/ Products & Stock tab. Like products, services are available for selection when adding line items to invoices but unlike products, stock is not tracked for services.

Report Filter - Does Not Contain filter Added

For text fields on reports a new Does Not Contain filter has been added

Column Widths are Remembered

If the width of a column is adjusted, e.g. on the Invoices & Payments tab, SliQ will remember the column width after being closed and reopened.

Graphical Reports Added

New chart reports have been added for Sales by Month and Orders by Month.

Line Items with a Quantity of Zero Can be Added

Line items with a price but a quantity of zero (and hence a line item total of 0) can be added and saved onto invoices and quotes.

Line Item Numbers Can Be Shown When Editing Invoices

If the invoice template is edited and line item numbers are selected then line item numbers will also be shown when editing an invoice and adding line items.

Improvements in Selecting Filters on Reports

Focus could sometimes be lost when typing into report filters. This is now corrected.

Old Versions - SliQ Invoicing Plus V5

Version 5.6.1  - Feb 2018

Carriage Tax now Has the Default VAT/ Tax Rate

When a new invoice is raised the default VAT rate is set for the carriage applied for the invoice.

Version 5.6.0  - Jan 2018

Search Product Custom Strings

When adding items to an invoice using the Search for Products dialog, the search will also include product custom strings.

Extra Fields for Email Templates

Additional fields can now be added to email templates including the Invoice Address, Delivery Address, Customer Address, Custom Strings and Custom Dates from the invoice and customer.

Improved Attachment Names When Emailing via Outlook 2016

When sending emails using Outlook 2016 the attachment filenames included a temporary path. The pathname is no longer included.

Version 5.5.0  - Feb 2017

Conditions Shown for PayPal buttons

Conditions can now be applied for PayPal buttons, e.g. a condition can be set so that the PayPal button is only shown on PDFs and not on printouts.

SubtotalGross Field Added

A new SubtotalGross field is available for selection in the template editor. The field shows the invoice subtotal including taxes but without any carriage.

Customer Title, First Name, Last Name Fields on Reports

On any report where customer fields can be added, the customer title, first and last names are now available for inclusion. The fields can also be exported from the reports as per any other field.

Calendar Week Macros Added

Two new macros are available for invoice item descriptions and customer messages. The macros show the calendar week number with the first week of the year being the first full week in the year.

The macros are {calweeksun} and {calweekmon}. {calweekmon} returns the ISO 8601 week number most commonly used around the world where Monday is the first day of the week. {calweeksun} treats Sunday as the first day of the week and is more commonly used in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

New PDF Generator

V5.5 includes a new PDF generator for creation of PDF invoices and quotes.

The new generator provides a workaround for a PDF problem in later Apple iOS versions where some PDF text would not be displayed if the PDF was displayed in the Apple email reader on an iPhone or iPad even though the PDF would display correctly in Adobe Reader on an iPhone/ iPad. The new PDF generator makes sure that text will be displayed correctly even when previewed in emails on an iPhone or iPad.

The new generator also allows GIFs with transparent areas to be used as logos.

The new generator will be automatically used after V5.5 is installed. Previous versions of the generator can be selected if needed via the General tab on the Options dialog.

Cost of Goods Corrected

On some reports, the CostOfGoods field could be incorrectly calculated for credit notes. This has now been corrected.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of minor improvements and corrections have been made.

Version 5.4.3  - Nov 2016

Can now search Customer and Supplier Messages

The search boxes on the main Invoices, Quotes and Purchase Order tabs now allow searches of customer and supplier messages.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of minor improvements and corrections have been made.

Version 5.4.2  - Oct 2016

Recurring Invoices List Now Configurable

The columns in the recurring invoices list in the Manage Recurring Invoices dialog can now be configured via the Invoices tab in the main Options dialog.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of minor improvements and corrections have been made.

Version 5.4.1  - June 2016

Improvements in handling of attachments for customers

SliQ could sometimes fail to delete attachments to customer records when requested. This has been corrected.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of minor improvements and corrections have been made.

Version 5.4.0  - April 2016

More VAT/ Tax Rates can be Configured

SliQ now allows an unlimited number of VAT or tax rates to be configured. See the Setup/ VAT Rates tab in SliQ for more information.

Template Field Conditions Now Treat 0 as an Empty Value

The template conditions on fields now treat the number 0 as an empty field. Previously, the comparison was done as a text comparison and any value which wasn't an emptry string "" was treat as non-empty. Now both empty strings and 0 are treated as empty. For more information on setting conditions on fields in the template editor, see:

VAT/ Tax Rate Names can be Configured

SliQ now allows VAT/ Tax rate names to be configured. Previously rates only had a value, e.g. 0%, 20% but now names such as Std, Reduced, Zero-Rated can be used.

Better Handling of Ampersands in HTML Emails

Ampersands (&) are now handled better in HTML emails. Previously, the use of an ampersand could potentially cause problems in the parsing of HTML email templates. This has now been improved.

Version 5.3.4  - February 2016

New Date Format Added

The Date Format tab in the Options dialog now allows dates in the format day Month Year, e.g. 5 January 2015.

Note that as with other date format selections, the format is only used when printing or emailing invoices. The date format used on the tabs in SliQ follows the date format shown in the regional settings in Windows.

Document Number format Options

The Document Number Format tab in the Options dialog now allows the year/ month/ day order to be configured for invoice numbers generated by SliQ.

PDF File Names

PDF filenames can now be configured so that they do not begin with an underscore if no prefix is selected.

Delivery Note Number

For invoice templates, a field can be added that shows the delivery note number (name DeliveryNoteNumber) corresponding to the invoice.

Version 5.3.3  - December 2015

Reuse of Last Sales Person value is now configurable

In V5.3.0, SliQ Invoicing Plus was changes so that when a new invoice or quoe was created the last sales person value would automatically be entered on the invoice. This has now been changed to be configurable and is by default off. By going to the Options dialog (by pressing the Options button in the toolbar) and selecting the General tab in the dialog, the Use Last Sales Person setting can be changed.

Embedding of Fonts in PDFs is now optional

By default SliQ embeds fonts used in PDFs into the PDF so that the fonts are available on the readers machine even if the fonts are not installed. This has now been made configurable so that if SliQ's PDFs are used with 3rd party PDF programs that have difficulties with embedded fonts, PDFs can be generated without embedding the fonts.

By default, SliQ will continue to generate PDFs with embedded fonts as in previous versions.

To turn off embedded fonts go to the General tab on the Options dialog by pressing the Options button in the toolbar.

Version 5.3.2  - November 2015

Date Can be Set When Allocating Credit Notes

When a credit note is used as a payment against an invoice, it is now possible to set the date for the allocation.

Configurable Pick Product List

When adding a product to an invoice line item, the product columns shown in the Pick Product dialog list can now be customised by opening the Options dialog and selecting the Products & Discounts tab.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of minor improvements and corrections have been made including better date selections on reports and better handling of No/ False conditions when importing data from CSV files.

Version 5.3.1  - October 2015

Aged Debtors Report Added

A new Aged Debtors report has been added. This report shows the ageing information for each customer as displayed at the bottom of a customer statement.

HTML Email Changes for Microsoft Outlook 2016

SliQ's HTML email facility now works with Outlook 2016 as it did with all earlier versions of Outlook.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of minor improvements and corrections have been made.

Version 5.3.0  - September 2015

Customer Summary Report Added

A new Customer Summary report has been added. This shows the total sales for a customer and the percentage of sales made to specific customers.

This report is similar to the Customer Summary Report that was present in older versions of SliQ Invoicing.

Last Used Sales Person Value Remembered

SliQ now remembers the last entered salesperson value and will enter this by default when a new invoice, credit note or quote is created.

CostOfGoods and Profit Fields on Invoice Reports

For any report where invoices are included, two new fields are available for selection:

CostOfGoods - This field shows the total cost price (Quantity * Cost Price for each line item) for the items on the invoice. The value is calculated using the current Cost Price information for a product on the Products & Discounts tab.

Profit - This field will give the profit for the invoice, i.e. the difference between the net total and the cost of goods.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of minor improvements and corrections have been made.

Version 5.2.2  - August 2015

TotalQuantity Template Field Added

A field value of TotalQuantity can be added to a template (invoice, quote, credit note, purchase order, delivery note etc.). This will show the total quantity of items on the invoice. For example if there are two line items on an invoice with the first line item having a quantity of 2 and the second line item a quntity of 3, the TotalQuantity field will show the value 5 on the invoice printout or PDF.

Credit Limit Field can be Exported/ Imported

Customer field Credit Limit and Use Credit Limit can now be exported to Excel and imported from CSV files. Importing a customer with Use Credit Limit set on and Credit Limit set to 0 effectively puts the customer on hold.

The Use Credit Limit field in the CSV file should be set to one of "TRUE", "YES", 1, "T" or "Y" to be set on. Any other value turns off Use Credit Limit.

Sales By X Item Reports can now include Product fields

Sales by Invoice Item, Sales by Quote Item reports can now be configured to show Product fields, e.g. Item Cost Price.

To add additional columns to reports in addition to the default columns, see Add, Remove Report Columns.

Miscellaneous Updates

The operation of Check  All and Uncheck All in the Find Low Stock dialog has been improved.

Version 5.2.1  - July 2015

Debtor Summary Report Update

Handling of credit notes in the Debtor Summary report has been improved.

Version 5.2.0  - July 2015

Customer Account Number in Prefixes

In the options dialog, it is now possible to add the customer account number in the prefix format for invoice and quote numbers. Similary, supplier account numbers can be added for purchase order numbers.

Option to Show Paid Watermark on Receipts

In addition to the existing option to show a PAID watermark on invoices that have been fully paid, SliQ now includes and option to shown the watermark on receipts for fully paid invoices.

Don't show Message Box after Saving PDF

When a single PDF document is generated, e.g. a single PDF of an invoice is saved to disk, SliQ will no longer output a message box after performing the save.

Add Hyperlink on any Image on a Template

When editing invoice templates (or quotes or POs), SliQ now allows a hyperlink to be placed on the image so that clicking the image in a generated PDF loads the link in a web browser.

Date Range Statements use Configurable Age Breaks

As with Open Item statements, Date Range statements now use the configurable age breaks rather than always using the fixed 0-30, 60-90 etc. breaks.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of corrections and minor updates have been made.

Version 5.1.3  - April 2015

Improved Printing on LetterHeaded Paper

For multi-page printouts, SliQ now allows a continuation page offset to be set that leaves a gap at the top of the second and later pages in an invoice printout (as well as quotes, orders etc.). This allows letter headed paper to be used for multi-page printouts.

To set the continuation page offset, edit the template in SliQ Invoicing Plus and click on the background of the template to show the main form properties. The continuation page offset will appear in the properties panel on the right. Adjust the offset value as desired then save the template. Then try a print preview of a long invoice spanning more than one page. If the offset is not the correct size, e.g. it still overlaps your letter head, edit the template again and adjust the offset.

Option to Never Show Page Numbers

Via the More Options tab on the Template Setup tab under the main Setup tab the Show Page Numbers dropdown now includes the option to never show page numbers on eother single or multi-page printouts or PDFs.

Show Stock Levels When Adding Line Items

If stock control is enabled, SliQ will now show current stock levels when searching for products to add to an invoice.

Search More Fields

When searching the data in the main lists, e.g. the list of invoices on the Invoices & Payments tab, the Notes field and Customer Account Numbers are now matched against the search string.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of corrections and minor updates have been made including improvements to the layout of the Customer Payment dialog when used on PCs with non-default font size settings.

Version 5.1.2  - Feb 2015

Inventory Import

SliQ Can now import inventory data when importing product data.

Customer Payments

When recording payments via the Customers and Statements page, SliQ now remembers the date of the last payment entered when recording a subsequent payment.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of other updates and corrections have been made.

Version 5.1.1  - Dec 2014

Recurring Invoices Report

A new recurring invoices report has been added. This allows a list of the recurring transactions to be displayed giving the dates of the next invoices to be raised.

Customers Report

A customers report has been added allowing a list of customers to be filtered, sorted and either printed or output to PDF or Excel as with all other reports.

Statement Email can be Configured

It is now possible to configure an email for statements, i.e. an email to which statements should be sent.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of other updates and corrections have been made.

Version 5.1  - Dec 2014

Keyboard Shortcuts for Description Editing

When editing line item descriptions in invoices, quotes etc. SliQ now supports new keyboard shortcuts.

The supported keyboard shortcuts now include:

Ctrl-Left - skip a word back
Ctrl-Right - skip a word forwards
Ctrl-Shift-Left - select a word back
Ctrl-Shift-Right - select a word forwards
Home - go to start of text
End - go to end of line
Ctrl-Home - go to start of line
Ctrl-End - go to end of text
Ctrl-Shift-Home - select text to start of description
Ctrl-Shift-End - select text to end of description
Ctrl-A - select complete description.

Insert Web Images into HTML Email Templates

When an image from a website is inserted into a HTML email template, SliQ now downloads a copy of the image and inserts it into the email.

Report Dates Include a This Month To Date option

Reports now include a This Month To Date option for dates that will allow a report to be configured to only show invoices (for example) from the start of the month up to the current day.

Reports Allow Up to 3 Filters At Top

Using the Change Filters button, up to 3 filters can be shown at the top of a report on the Reporting tab allowing easy selection of whichever a user decides are the most important filters. Previously only one filter could be shown.

Note that although up to 3 filters can be shown at the top of the report, the report can be filtered using any field in the database using the Choose Filters dialog and, as from V5, reports show a summary of the applied filters.

Note: Some of the default reports have been extended to show more filters. However, existing users will need to select a report and press the Default button in the toolbar on the Reporting tab to see any extra filters appear. Alternatively, select the report and press the Choose Filters button in the toolbar to choose whichever filters are desired.

Auto Date Macros can now be used in Email Templates

Date Macros can now be used in email templates in addition to line item descriptions and customer messages.

See Automatic Date Macros for a description of the macro values.

Miscellaneous Updates

A number of other updates and corrections have been made including widening the item code dropdown when editing an invoice line item, correcting the CustomerBalance field available in the invoice template editor and improving the layout of the Manage Recurring Invoices dialog.

Version 5.0  - Nov 2014


SliQ Invoicing Plus now includes a spellchecker. Line item descriptions on invoices, quotes etc. are now spellchecked. The spellchecker works in a similar way to Microsoft Word - any mis-spelled words are underlined with a red squiggle.

To see suggestions for corrections to spelling mistakes, right click the word with the mouse and choose a suggestion from the popup menu.

SliQ also includes a user dictionary so that you can add any special words to stop SliQ flagging them as mis-spelled. To add words to the dictionary, right-click a mis-spelled word and choose Add to dictionary from the popup menu.

SliQ comes with a number of standard spelling dictionaries for UK English, US English, French, German etc. To choose between the dictionaries, see Options.

For more information, see the SpellChecker topic in our online help file.

Stock Control

SliQ can now track stock level for products. The Products & Discounts tab has been renamed to Products & Stock and includes fields to show the number of items in stock and preferred supplier. For use in finding low stock levels for products, stock reorder level and stock reorder quantity fields have also been implemented. The new fields allow SliQ to raise orders to replenish stock levels when stock runs low.

For more info, see the Stock Control topic in our online help file.

HTML Email Template - Add Images and Logos to Emails

In addition to plain text email templates, SliQ now allows HTML email templates to be edited. These templates allow richer formatting, e.g. different fonts, bold, italic or underline text as well as allowing images and logos to be added to the email templates.

For more information, see the Editing Email templates topic.

Customer Credit Limits/ Customer on Hold

A customer credit can now be entered on the Price Band & Credit Limit subtab on the main Customers & Statements tab.

If the Use Credit Limit box is checked, SliQ will output a warning if an invoice is created that would make the customer exceed their credit limit.

A customer can effectively be put on hold by entering a credit limit of 0.

Custom Fields for Products & Discounts

A set of custom/ additional fields can now be defined for product and discount records.

See Defining Custom Fields for more information.

Automatic Date Fields for Line Item Descriptions and Customer/ Supplier Messages

Automatic date fields can now be added to line item descriptions. The date fields will be automatically expanded when an invoice is printed or emailed. The date fields can be used when creating recurring transactions to automatically include the correct date information in line item descriptions based on the date of the newly raised invoice, e.g. automatically inserting text such as "Charges for October 2014", "Charges for November 2014" as recurring invoices are raised in successive months.

For more information, see Automatic Date Fields.

Editing an Existing Invoice does not cause payments to be deleted if the total is still at least the payment amount

If an existing invoice is edited, SliQ now only deleted payments already recorded for the invoice if the new total for the invoice is less than the sum of the payments records.

Read Receipts can be Configured for SMTP emails

A read receipt option can be configured for SMTP emails. The read receipt can be configured in the email sending options. Note that the receiver may decide to not send a read receipt even if one is requested.

Attachment for Customers & Suppliers

Files can now be attached to customer and supplier records on the Customers & Statements and Suppliers tabs.

PDF Filenames are now configurable

PDF filenames are no configurable, e.g. the company name and invoice date can be optionally included in the PDF generated for an invoice.

For more information, see PDF Filename Options.

Optionally include Template Items Depending on Printing or PDFing

When editing a template, conditions can now be set on items to control whether they are included on documents depending on whether the document is being printed or emailed.

This feature makes it easier to print an invoice onto letter headed paper where the company logo is already pre-printed onto the paper but when emailing the same invoice, make SliQ include the company logo.

For more information see Print/ PDF conditions.

Configure the ranges on a statement ageing report

The breaks/ ranges can now be configured in ageing reports on statements.

In previous versions, the ageing report ranges were always 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days. In this version, the ranges can be changed in the Ageing Report Values options.

Invoice Amount can be Included in Email Template

When editing the email template for use when emailing invoices, a field can now be included to show the total of the invoice being emailed.

Calculated Due Dates on Recurring Invoices

When recurring invoices are created that use the due rate mechanism instead of payment terms, the due dates for invoices raised are now calculated by taking the offset of the due date of the original recurring transaction from the date of the transaction.

New Reports and Report Fields

A number of new reports have been included, e.g. reports to show the number of products on order or to show stock value. In addition, a new Week Number field has been made available in sales reports. The new WeekNumber field allows Sales by Week type reports to be configured if needed. Each report now optionally shows a filter summary.

Column Headers on Templates Show when Editing Invoices

If the invoice template has been edited and the column headings have been changed, i.e. the column headings for line items, the column headings also show when editing an invoice and adding line items.

Various other minor corrections and improvements have been made.

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