Recurring Invoices

If you regularly bill customers for repeat services, e.g. you are a website designer invoicing customers a fixed monthly fee, an IT consultant invoicing a customer monthly for a maintenance contract, a car dealer invoicing for finance payments by installment or a landscape gardener billing weekly for garden maintenance, SliQ Invoicing Plus's recurring invoices feature can save you loads of time.

To automate regular billing, all you need do is create a recurring transaction with the customer details and required invoice items. SliQ will then automatically raise invoices based on the transaction at the frequency you specify - for example once a month, once a quarter, every size months, year or even two years.

Note that recurring invoices are only supported in SliQ Invoicing Plus.

For an overview of SliQ's features for automating regular customer billing, check out the following sections or see the recurring invoices help section.

List your Recurring Invoices

To see a list of your recurring invoices/ transactions, simply click the Manage Recurring button in the main toolbar on the Invoices & Payments tab.

Manage Recurring Invoices Button

SliQ will then show a list of your recurring invoices together with their properties.

Schedule Invoices and number of times to repeat

After opening the Manage Recurring dialog and selecting a transaction you can easily set the schedule for the recurring invoice, i.e. set how often the invoice is to be raised and how many invoices to repeat. For example you can say you want to raise one invoice a month for 12 months or you might set the invoice to recur indefinitely.

Set the date of the first invoice

In the Manage Recurring Transactions dialog you can easily set the date at which the first invoice in the recurring cycle should be raised. For example, if you are a photographer invoicing by installments for a wedding taking place next year, you may want to set the date of the first invoice one month after the wedding takes place then space the invoices out over the following months.

Create a new transaction or copy an invoice

Creating a recurring invoice is easily done. You can either open up the Manage Recurring Transactions dialog and create a new transaction from scratch, or you can copy an existing invoice and turn it into a recurring one.

Confirm and edit invoices as they are raised

When it is time to raise a recurring invoices, SliQ will show the Confirm Automatic Invoices dialog, listing all the invoices that are due to be raised automatically. In the Auto Invoices dialog you can check which ones you want to raise and even edit the items on the invoices. Finally, you can choose to raise the invoices and optionally either print the invoices or bulk email the invoices to your customers.

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