Add a PayPal Button to your Invoices

SliQ Invoicing lets you edit your invoice templates and put PayPal buttons onto the template. When you email your invoice to your customer, SliQ Invoicing places a button on the PDF of the invoice. When your customer clicks the button on the invoice, the PayPal website's payment page is loaded into their web browser allowing them to pay your invoice either using their PayPal account or a bank or credit card.

When the user completes their payment PayPal will email you to let you know that a payment has been made. All you need to do then is record the customer payment in SliQ to mark the invoice as paid.

Add a Button to an Invoice Template

Open your invoice template for editing in SliQ Invoicing's template editor and place a PayPal button onto your invoice, e.g. below the fields showing the amount owed by your customer:

Add Report Columns

Set the Currency Code and PayPal Email

After adding the PayPal button to your invoice template, set the properties for your PayPal account - the email address used to identify your account and the currency code for your payments indicating whether you are paid in dollars, sterling or euros for example. The PayPal currency code you choose should match the currency you set in SliQ:

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