SliQ Invoicing supports MTD for VAT allowing you to use HMRC's online API to view your open and fulfilled VAT obligations and submit VAT returns.

SliQ Invoicing's MTD for VAT feature calculates your VAT sales figures from your invoices while allowing you to enter your purchase VAT figures to complete your VAT return.

To submit a VAT return, SliQ provides an easy to use wizard that steps you through authorising SliQ to make submissions on your behalf, getting your VAT obligations from HMRC, choosing which invoices or payments to include on the VAT return then making the submission.

Register with HMRC for MTD for VAT

To submit a VAT return using MTD for VAT you will need to sign up to MTD for VAT on HMRC's website. Go to this link to sign up https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sign-up-for-making-tax-digital-for-vat

Enabling the MTD for VAT Wizard

To enable the MTD for VAT feature in SliQ Invoicing 6 go to the main Setup tab.

Then, on the Business Details tab make sure you have selected the GB country code and entered a VAT number.

Finally, check the Enable UK VAT Submission box. SliQ will then show an extra VAT filer tab in its top ribbon.

MTD for VAT Wizard Starting Page

The first MTD wizard page gives some setup instructions reminding you to make sure you have set the country codes for your customers to let SliQ know if your customers are in/ out of the European Community.

On this page you can also choose between invoice and cash accounting, i.e. whether the VAT amounts in a VAT period are calculated from the invoices raised in the period (invoice accounting) or payments actually received (cash account).

MTD for VAT Wizard Authorisation Page

On the second MTD wizard page you authorise SliQ to be able to access your VAT data held by HMRC and to be able to make submissions.

To complete the authorisation your will have to sign up your business for MTD for VAT on HMRC's website.

Note: Once you have authorised SliQ, the wizard will no longer show pages 1 and 2 making the process of submitting a VAT return even simpler.

MTD for VAT Wizard View Obligations Page

On the third MTD wizard page SliQ gets your VAT obligations from HRMC. You can view the VAT returns for any fulfilled obligations or choose an open obligation and press the Next button to choose which invoices or payments to include in the return.

MTD for VAT Wizard Choosing Invoices or Payments to Include in VAT Return

After choosing an obligation and pressing Next, SliQ shows the invoices raised in the period of the selected VAT obligation.

MTD for VAT Wizard Entering Your Purchase VAT figures

After selecting your invoices and pressing Next SliQ shows your partially completed VAT return with the sales figures from your invoices. You can then type in your purchase VAT figures.

MTD for VAT Wizard Submitted Return

After entering your purchase VAT figures, you can submit your VAT return. You can then save a PDF of the submitted return or view the return in the fulfilled obligations returned by HMRC.

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