Invoice Reports in SliQ Invoicing

SliQ Invoicing comes with a handy set of predefined reports that provide the essential business views of invoice sales.

The predefined reports can be printed or output as PDFs or exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

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SliQ Invoicing and User-Defined Reports

In SliQ Invoicing there are loads of options for adding more columns to reports, setting filters, sorting order and more. You can also create your own reports by copying an existing report and changing the options to show data in the way you need. Check the sections below for more information.

Invoice Report

As well as text reports that can be exported to Excel, SliQ contains graph reports allowing you to easily see data and sales growth such as monthly sales.

Invoice Report

Add New Report Columns

For any report in SliQ Plus, you can add extra columns to show data from the invoice, customer, purchase order records as appropriate to the report type. Adding or removing columns is as simple as pressing the Change Title, Columns and Grouping button in the toolbar then checking or unchecking the columns you'd like to include:

Add Report Columns

Set Filters on any Column

With any of the reports you can set custom filters on the report columns, e.g. to only show invoices due in a specified date range, or to only show unpaid invoices or invoices owing more than a certain amount that are older than a particular date.

Set Filter on Column

Sort on any Report Column

You can define the sort order - ascending, descending, none - for any column you include on a report. For example you might choose to sort an invoice report by customer name and then by due date for their invoices. Setting the sort order on a column is as easy as double-clicking in the Sort column on the Customise Report dialog.

Add Report Columns

Group Data by any Column

The data on a report can be grouped by any column, e.g. you might group an invoice sales report by Customer to make the report easier to read. Alternatively you might group the report by Date Raised to show a summary of sales on a daily basis.

Set Filter on Column

Collapse Grouped Data

If you have grouped data on a report, e.g. you have grouped the data by customer name or by date, you can also choose to collapse the data in the group. When a group is collapsed, SliQ shows a single row of data for the group containing a summary of the financial figures for the group. For example, if you have grouped invoice sales by customer and then collapse the group, SliQ will show the figures for the total sales for the customer.

Add Report Columns

Output Reports in Different Formats

SliQ can print reports, generate PDFs for reports, and output any report to Excel. Printing or PDFing in portrait or landscape mode is as easy as checking a box in the toolbar.

Set Filter on Column

Also ... Customise the Style of Reports +++

The sections above give only a brief overview of the reporting features in SliQ Invoicing. Lots more options are available to resize columns, change the style of the reports, change the report title as well as create copies of reports on which you can set different options. For more information on reports, check the Reporting section in our online help file for SliQ Invoicing Plus.

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