Customer Testimonials

If you need persuading to download SliQ Invoicing take a look at what some of our customers have to say about our software ...

The reasons why we chose SliQTools for our Billing ...

1.) I have personally trialled and tested more than 30 desktop and web-based applications extensively. Paid for four to ensure full functionality for evaluation purposes…I could thus say this without any hesitation, SliQ Tools are without any doubt the best software application for billing purposes;

2.) You services response, excellent to say the least;

3.) Documentation is great!

Thanks for offering a quality product backed by excellent support

Peter Nagel, Bible Fusion Innovative Solutions

By the way, absolute first class piece of software. Congrats.


Yes it's all good now. Am loving the program. Perfect for what we need and very user friendly


Congratulations on an excellent piece of software. It is perfect for my requirements.


I have been using Sliq plus for about 7 months ( best software i ve used EVER !!!)

Martin, M J Plumbing & Heating

Sliq is a wonderful software and easy to use… This will save me a lot of time… It’s worth for every penny.

Erdal Uludag

Excellent product by the way we are delighted with it!

C Mollan

Great bit of software – so pleased I found it, and am happy to keep recommending your business to others I have spoken with

Doug McPhail

Been using the product for years think its great!

Danny, Century Comms

I meant what I said in my fulsome praise for your software, we are only a three man business and I’ve found your programme a total delight to work with over the last few years and the ease of access to information that shows which clients I should be buying a good pub lunch for is a real bonus.


A word of thanks and congratulations to the SliQ Tools development team. We think version 4 is a wonderful new addition with an appealing look and feel. Keep up the good work!! You can count on our support

Peter, Logo Trans,

Great program. (Love the SMTP email option!) An accountant friend of mine is going to have a look at it with a view to recommending it to clients.

Dave, SolCat,

The customer service at your company is excellent! I am so impressed with how quickly you have responded to my questions! Please share with whomever appropriate!

Michelle Wallace,

Sliq Invoicing is in our opinion probably one of the best UK invoicing software programs around. Well designed, well laid out and beautifully created, Sliq Invoicing is absolutely ideal for UK based business owners who want to manage and track all their invoicing needs. We've been in business for over 28 years and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this software for your business.

Doug, 123 Simples Web Design and Hosting

Sliq is awesome, full stop.

Paula, Digitopia,

I use your software for my Photographs retouching an restoration business and like it a lot.

Richard, Photographs Forever

We have been delighted with the SliQTools package. We launched immediately on receipt/download and now find it very easy to use for all our financial documents we need as a small SME. Your support team have been very responsive and helpful - so overall we feel that purchasing this package was a "no brainer"

Mike, Ferret Technology

SliQ invoicing has made running my design business much easier and gives an more official image to my accounting than I had before. It's so easy to use, the template editor is absolutely great because I can get the invoices to look how I want them to. I sent my first invoice within the first hour of setting up the SilQ software, which was easy. I'd already tried around four different invoice softwares available for Mac and PC, but in the in end SliQ running on my PC laptop has proved to be the right decision. With online banking and a mobile invoice software I can keep track on my business finances anywhere. It's actually quite a huge relief to have this side on my business really nailed recently, even though I've been in business for around 14 years. As a self-employed graphic designer based in Worcester, the step to use SliQ has helped me earn more I'm sure. I love invoicing now, the software actually makes me want to create invoices! The statements work well too, and also the credit notes, and being able to create your own products. I would highly recommend this software to anyone running a business.

Jo, Jo Menhinick Design

I would like to say how impressed I am with the SliQ+ software and that I am really pleased with it and would recommend it to any small business.

Ben Hawley

I recently bought it for a small business and it is just what I need. Not a lot of what I dont need. It's simple and to the point. Easy to set up and use. It makes billing quick and effortless. Thanks.

Iron Horse Motorcycle Shop

This programme seems perfect! the date file loaded up spot on, and all correct. I've just added 30 or so invoices and email them, with no problems.

Greg Ellis

I should have known better. I'm working on the 'plus' programme and it is so easy to use and modify. Well done to the technical people. Thank you for your prompt reply to my call for help.

Tony Hesketh

I just had to say.... …what a dream your invoicing software is. I am here at work, on a Sunday morning, sorting out invoices. My challenge is huge – at least I thought it was.

On Friday I finally got my VAT registration number. Now I have invoices to re-issue which didn’t have vat showing and now do. But the vat rate has just changed. So I have to re-issue the old invoices showing vat at the old rate. And issue new invoices showing vat at the new rate. And somehow do all this without the system collapsing, screwing up figures, old invoices, etc.

But I shouldn’t have worried. I should have trusted that the software I’ve loved ever since I started using it from day one of my new company last summer wouldn’t let me down. And it hasn’t – it’s just worked exactly how I wanted it to.

I just love this stuff. Now I can still go home and enjoy my Sunday lunch on time. Thank you folks!

Nigel, Article 10 Design Ltd

I've been using the demonstration version for 3 weeks and have really found it to be a super tool, helping systemise my quotation, invoicing and credit control functions saving a considerable amount of time. A really good piece of software.


I have recently bought the Sliq invoicing software. Getting on really well with it thanks!

Naomi, The Scene Magazine

Having looked for invoicing software and some kind of system for a while I was delighted to come across sliq. The system is easy to use and looks very proffesional, has great customer support and updates. I would highly recomend sliq to any company to help them in day to day business.

Michael, Premier Bedrooms

I have been using sliq for a few years now and must say how pleased i am with it.


I have recently purchased your invoice software and think it is brilliant – Thankyou. I needed an invoicing solution that was easy to use and that offered a variety of ways to invoice customers. After trying a few programmes(some quite costly), I found your SliQ Invoicing to be perfect and offers so many ways to customise my invoices. Best product I have bought for a long time.

Adrian, Reality Therapy

Thanks for your quick response and i'd like to say what a fantastic package this is. We have been doing invoices by hand for the last four years!!! We will therefore be buying into this no problem.


I have been using SliQ Tools for a few weeks now. It's a real joy to set up, easy to use and gives me absolutely everything I need for invoicing my 3 different business activities. Invoicing was always such a pain, especially when trying to keep up with recurring invoices. And of course the PDF email option is a superb time-saver as most of my clients have email accounts. Just brilliant.

Iain, Fairweather Photography

At last a software release that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. SliQ have produced a piece of software that accomplishes its objective in a user friendly and logical manner. We are now in the enviable position of having a single click solution to chasing reticent payers. It is refreshing to use a logically coded application that doesn't require Edmund Hilary to get you up the learning curve. The response time for "Wish List" inclusions was almost instantaneous, 10/10.

Dave, TillSecure Systems

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the amendments in your latest download, as we discussed by email a while ago. These will be a great help for our customers. Many thanks once again!

Melissa, Coastline Fire Protection

Thanks again for the code and your service. I really do appreciate the service that you provide. I have told quite a few of my business friends about your product and I know at least one has bought it. Do you do any other software that may be of use for me to consider using within my business?

Rob, Gale Force

I purchased the above from you a little while ago and I must say how impressed I am with it for ease of use and presentation. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a fast way of invoicing.

Derek, Mobile Telecom Solutions Ltd

Congratulations to the team on a really user friendly tool.

Sherif, ClinQAQC

Just a quick email to confirm that I put the code into sliq that you forwarded to myself and everything is fully operational, Thank you very much, you are a godsend, and your customer service skills are second to none. Keep up the good work.

Dave, DT Buchan Ltd

Absolutely fantastic, thanks so much! This will really make a difference for our accountant

Sue, Owners Club Menorca

Please feel free to add our name to your testimonials, you do offer a great product and it is the best value for money I would not hesitate in recommending it.

Peter Bown, Merseyside Electrical Services

Would like to thank you for a great software programme for running my invoices and quotes. I have been using this now for six months and what a dream, it makes my life a lot easier. Things I love about this, is that it is very easy to use and learn others to use it. The reoccurring invoicing where if I have to raise an invoice every month or three months Ect, it will do that for you. This is what you call ASDA price, it is very good value for money, and worth every penny. Backup support is very good, and fast, no problems with this at all. No Sage, No QuickBooks, Just Sliq, and money in MY pocket! Many Thanks

Nick Finnigan, A1 Pest Service

By purchasing Sliqtools Invoicing and Quoting software I first wondered whether I had made a mistake. I had used the trial although never put it into full swing with my clients billing materials. I have to say... I was impressed by the amount of feedback we received as a company after we launched into dispatching professional looking invoicing and quoting templates for our graphic and website design work. I would strongly recommend this piece of unbeatable software as it is great in both price and ease-of-use. You will not find any competing software on the internet that does the same for such an affordable price. It removed the hassle of my firm wasting time creating billing papers and enabled us to sign more contracts following a professional first time image on our quotations. You will not be let down and once again thanks Sliq!

George Botley MD, Torindul Group

Many thanks for your very prompt reply. Now thats what I call service! ... I have found the software very useful and easy to use. It's going to be very helpful to me

Ross, Newbury

Have downloaded your software to play with and trial for a couple of my clients here in the Isle of Man. Fairly impressed so far - it's fast, intuitive and by far the best that I've seen so far - and my desktop is cluttered with quite a few now! Have now sent the link to your site to them so that they can download and see if it meets their requirements with the strong recommendation that they acquaint themselves with it and if they're as impressed as I am they go ahead and buy.

Niki, Isle of Man

Excellent. It works very well ... We shall recommend the programme to our business customers.

Eric, Eric Pugh & Co., Hay-on-Wye

... your software is superb and I always recommend it to others

Jane Ashbridge, Freelance Computer Consultant

Having researched many different invoicing products at varying prices I am delighted I chose SliQ. It is very reasonably priced, easy to use and professional

Liz Loly, Big Splash Comms

This software is amazing, its great value, easy to use, very easy to track unpaid invoices and outstanding balances. I have looked for similar products and this is by far the best. I Would pay double for this software. Keep up the good work. Much appreciated. We are definitely buying this software as we love it and wish we had started using it years ago!

Andy Gilchrist, Sleek Media Web Design

I have been trialling SliQ Invoicing for nearly 30 days and really, really like its ease of use!

Sue, London

I look forward to many years of using your product and will recommend your company to anyone that needs the products you guys offer

Mark, Sunderland

We are definitely buying this software as we love it and wish we had started using it years ago!

Caroline, E-commerce Web Design

Many thanks ... we have found the software easy to use and it produces smart professional looking invoices

Terry, T Skues & Son Building Solutions

Just had to drop a quick line to say how pleased I am with Sliq Invoicing and Quoting! It’s so refreshing to find a nicely designed “fresh” product which does exactly what it says on the tin – without feeling the need to over bloat with a ton of other other features that we don’t want! (I trialled many programs and this one was perfect as I only have a desire to raise invoices/quotes and track their payments as my accountant does all my book-keeping for me!)

Keith, PCConsultancy

Very happy with Sliq - just what we needed!

Karen, P & A Medical

This program is invaluable for my business


I tried several invoice programs before yours and must admit yours is far superior.

Graham, TC Dating

I have had a number of comments on how good my invoices look from customers and other business owners , and the tax office people were impressed with the programs record keeping abilities as well ...

David Townend, Brisbane Valley Property Maintenance

Looking for basic accounting software for your small business can be a real nightmare. Many of the programs from the big software companies are expensive, bloated and over-complicated. Often, just to download a trial version requires filling out forms, being signed up to an email list and downloading a 100+mb file. On the flip-side, many of the programs by smaller companies look like they were designed for Windows 95 with a flaky interface, often lack the features you really need and produce embarrassing invoice templates.

Sliq Invoicing is completely the opposite. The trial download is immediate and compact and they don't take your email in order to spam you. When installed (which is a breeze) you are presented with a well organized, easy on the eye interface that "just works" and makes it easy to prepare quotes and invoices as well as tracking those customers who are overdue on their payments. There are several invoice templates on offer and customizing these is simply a case of checking and un-checking boxes to produce great looking invoices which can be easily output as PDFs or printed. For a one off payment the software is yours - no subscription (unlike several other invoicing solutions). I thoroughly recommend Sliq Invoicing and Quoting to small business like myself and I am looking forward to see how the program develops in the future.

Chris Richards, LightWorks Photography

Excellent software by the way, it makes a considerable difference!! I found it very easy to use, it increased my invoice production speed enormously as does the quoting section too.

Steve Cornell, Heat Logic

All up and running. Very good system and very pleased with it.

Fern Farmar, Mr Wasp Pest Control Services

It is the easiest program I have actually found for invoicing anywhere and we have had sage quickbooks etc, do you do any other accounting software as I would be most interested.

Ken Dale, Just Safes and Security

Very simple to use and gives you all you need to run a small-size business' invoicing. Great value for your money - especially after the latest update to version 1.4, which in my opinion has put SliQ Invoicing and Quoting on the same level with much more expensive software.

Web Design and IT Support

SliQ Invoicing and Quoting Software has been a revelation for our business. We have used all the big names in accounting software, Sage, Pegasus, Microsoft but for complete simplicity with intuitive operation, there is nothing to touch SliQ. Don't be mislead by its ease of use, the power and detail afforded to its way of operating is truly incredible. We wholeheartedly recommend this inexpensive customer/product/service invoicing, quotation and statement application without reservation. It is simply brilliant. I wish we had it on our PC 12 years ago when we started our business.

Howard C Cox, Managing Director, Target Data Information

After researching various other products on the market I found SliQ to be the most comprehensive yet straight forward program to use. Within just a few simple steps I can produce professional invoices and keep an up to date record of paid and outstanding invoices. SliQ is the best program to keep my small business organised.

Mark Liddle, CPS Technical Services Ltd

I just wanted to say that I really love this program....The ease of use is amazing - it has really made managing my clients and invoices a breeze - THANK YOU SO MUCH

Melanie McKinney, Enocs Web Design

I've been using Sliq for about a month now, and have found it to be a superb product. I am a software developer myself, and thought about writing an invoicing program to use myself, but when I used yours, combined with the low price, Sliq was a no brainer. I am actually suprised it costs so little.

Dylan Franklin, Aella Services

We had been looking for an invoicing and quoting packages for a while but everything was either full of things we didn't need or too expensive. SliQ is excellent value for money and is very simple and easy to use, without being full of things we'll never need. The customer service is second to none with fast responses. What more could you ask for?

Julie Hawes, Thomas Truck Training

Used to use Sage Line 50 for all accounts and invoices, but other people need to be able to create invoices and keep track of paid/unpaid items. Not everyone can use Sage Accounts and if someone makes an error it will affect the whole accounting system. Your invoicing software was purchased because I immediately spotted how simple and easy it was and anyone could use it and not make mistakes and be able to correct mistakes instantly.

Jason Andrews, Right Clean

Many thanks for your speedy response! Product is really good and very happy with the new update. this is the perfect product for a company such as mine with 16 employees, way better than moving to one of these large invoice programs which do far more than I need...

Stewart Boatman, HGV Tech Ltd

For the past 6 years we have been using Excel to produce all of our invoices but as the business grew and we began offering new services that required monthly invoices we realized we needed a more suitable solution. We came across SliQ invoicing software, downloaded it and didn't look back. The simple to use functionality, reporting, statements, products etc ... have all come together to provide MA Design with a massive amount of time saved each month. Now with version 1.4 released some more very useful functionality has been included.

Excellent work on this software. Many thanks to the SliQ team.

Christopher Davis. Director, MA design solutions Ltd

I have recently installed the SliQ Invoicing and Quoting program on my pc and am very impressed with it - I had it up and running in minutes. ... Many thanks for the fast response! I Have just downloaded V.1.4 - looks great with worthwhile improvements - not just gimmicks like so many others.

Paul Wallis, The Atmospherics Trust

Having downloaded your free trial and evaluated the software, within minutes I found it so easy to use and perfect for invoice tracking and reporting that I immediately purchased it. The ease of use, clear layout presentation save time and thus money making SLiQ a winner in all areas at a fantastic price.

Steve Iberle, Director - SJI Designs Ltd

Trialed many other invoice programs but found Sliq Invoicing to be ideal for my business. Professional looking invoices and statements easily created. Simple to navigate and not overbloated. I had it up and running with all my customers and invoices in no time at all. You can email invoices and statements in pdf format from within the program, nice. Customer support very prompt and helpful too !!

Mark, Mark One Safety - Gas and Electrical Safety Testing

After using your invoicing and quotation software for the past month I have to congratulate you on a great and simple to use application. Having reviewed 6 other applications, of which 80% were more expensive I have to tell you that your application is the most user friendly and stable of them all. It does exactly what we want it to do and the quotation feature has raised our company revenue by giving us the ability to offer professional supported quotations….

And yes we purchased today !!!!

Great job all round.

Steve, images4life

II am extremely satisfied with the SLIQTools package, I have been using it for around a month and found it provides me with a simple to use but effective invoicing and quoting system. It allows me to effectively generate invoices and quotes and an unexpected bonus was it also allows me to track orders and monitor payments that have been made. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a cost-effective solution to try SLIQ, you will not be disappointed!

Andy Biggs, K9 Web Design

I have now been using SliQ for 30 days and love it - in fact it is only when you use the whole system you really get to realise how good it is and how easy it is to use (not to mention the amount of time it saves me). Basically I was stuck between a rock and a hard place - Excel was too messy and Sage was too expensive - SliQ was exactly what I needed.

Jonathan Hedges, Mar-Systems

Its very good, have already used it to send some invoices. I find it very easy to use especially as I can enter the information about my standard jobs. It saves me loads of time compared to the Word invoices I was doing before.

Richard Lawrence, High Reach Window Washing

Your software is cool! Everything I need to do is easy to find and for the first time I know exactly who owes me money using your reports. I was getting tired of using Excel and looked at a lot of packages. Yours looked good and did as much as some costing twice as much.

Ian Davies, Davies Cleaning Services

Does exactly what it says on the tin.  No fuss, no bother.  Easy to use, nice to look at, clear help file. I think you'll have a lot of takers!

Carole Meyrick, Office Stuff

Fantastic product. I’ve been looking for a program like this for, literally, years and at last I’ve found it. After half a day’s use I’ve decided to buy. I've been looking for a simple way of invoicing without costing me another arm and leg. Your product fits the bill perfectly.

John Langer, ARooney Web Design

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